Kitten Sanctuary

Kitten Sanctuary

Free the lovely kittens by making matches of 3 or more tiles on this game
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Kitten Sanctuary is a fun, addictive, and colorful game for children and adults, where bad aliens have kidnapped some kittens, and your main objective is to free them. In order to achieve your goal, you will have to play exciting puzzle levels, where you need to get credits and give supplies to the aliens by making matches of three or more tiles.
Tuna cans, bottles of milk, kitty-coins, and chocolate bars are just some examples of the elements you need to make disappear by matching them in groups of three or more. If you make combos (2 or more groups of matches at the same time), some power-ups will appear letting you destroy more groups of tiles, and get more credits.
Besides, something attractive is that the main game field where the tiles are placed is not always the same, and this makes the game more exciting.
This type of game is not new, but it is definitely a good strategy to keep the player in front of his PC for many hours.
Finally, the trial version will let you play only during 60, and I'm sure you will feel this time is not enough.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • It manages good colorful graphics
  • There are good sound and visual effects
  • Easy to play


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